Acupuncture:Is it Painful

Traditions from the Far East have always captivated Americans. The interesting cultures and traditions are fascinating to explore. One of these is a 3,000 year old alternative therapy, acupuncture. Many people are acutely aware of the health benefits of acupuncture treatments.

But the image of hundreds of needles protruding from a body makes many people fearful of the pain that they believe they will experience. However, there is nothing to be worried about.

Too Thin to Register

1The biggest concern that holds people back from getting acupuncture is that they assume it will be painful.

Hospital injections can be painful; and so by extension, the assumption is that hundreds of them at the same time must be excruciating. But if one looks into why people still get acupuncture treatments despite the perceived pain, one will discover that it is because the process is not painful at all.

Acupuncture needles are not the same as syringes. Syringe needles are hollow, because they are considerably thick. This is why injections are painful. But acupuncture needles are completely solid and extremely thin; often only as wide as a hair shaft. Because of this tiny surface area, many people sometimes do not even feel the needle entering their body.

What You Would Feel

Acupuncture is a pain free process. But it is important to understand that it is not as if one becomes numb. Different people report different sensations. Here are the feelings that people undergoing acupuncture treatments experience:

  • Most people who undergo acupuncture report a tingly sensation. Acupuncture needles evoke this feeling at the points where they are inserted.

But the ticklish and tingly sensation can also be experienced throughout the body as the treatment’s healing starts to take effect.

  • 2Other patients report a warm feeling encompassing the area where the needles are inserted.
  • Often patients report a deeply relaxing feeling, as if their whole body were letting go of the tension that was being held.

Another feeling that you can experience, but probably should not, is sharpness. You may feel as if a mosquito bit you. If that is the case, notify your acupuncturist.

It might mean that a needle near the source of that feeling is inserted incorrectly. It is a perfectly normal feeling as everybody’s body is different and hence has to be dealt with differently.

Getting a good acupuncturist is important to make sure you leave the clinic feeling refreshed and reenergized.

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