What Your Acupuncturist Wants You To Know


Modern medicine is slowly coming to grips withthe importance of aholistic approach for treatments.

Research has found that 88% of all adults believe that patient-doctor relationships are vital for their health. The key to understanding each other is to have free and open dialogue. So here is an olive branch; peek inside our heads and see what we acupuncturists want you to know.

Communicate With Us

The thing about innovative noninvasive treatments like acupuncture is that they rely on absolute honesty on the part of the patient.

The physician needs to know about what you are experiencing in order to make adjustments. So, if at any point, you feel uncomfortable, just say so. Many people are nervous because they think discomfort is a part of the process, but that is not true.

Acupuncture is one of the most comfortable experiences people have. If you feel like an arm isn’t placed comfortably, or you need to scratch your nose, or the room temperature is not suitable; let us know. We’ll make the necessary adjustments.

Don’t Fret About the Hair

We have heard people apologize to us about their body hair. Some people think that hair might come in the way of the acupuncture needles while others are simply embarrassed of it.

But the truth is that when inserting needles, the hair or the quality of skin plays no role. Moreover, the best acupuncturists perform the treatment in professional environments where you do not need to worry about your body’s aesthetic.

Be Yourself

Many clients we treat are nervous about their body and what the acupuncturist might think of them.

They are worried about scars, birth marks—and above all—weight; especially pregnant women. We see people of all body types, all the time. You do not need to worry about standing out because of a blemish.

Imperfections are a part of what makes us beautiful! The only thing acupuncturists are interested in is finding the perfect spots to insert needles and address your physical ailments.

So relax and visit us; we at the Acupuncture Center of Bradenton perform our treatments in the most professional of environments. Our acupuncture treatments for neck pain, shoulder pain and various other ailments are popular among local residents.

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