Main Causes For Lower Back Pain

There can be many causes for lower back pain, but one thing is certain: it can be quite painful – excruciatingly so. In some cases, patients find that their pain makes it difficult to perform some of the simplest tasks, such as walking straight.

Often, your lower back pain may be caused by several medical conditions – one of which is a damaged spinal cord. Almost 80% of adults experience back pain at some stage in their lives.

Americans spend approximately $50 billion each year for treatment and management of back pain in different categories. Keep in mind that these are just identifiable costs. Suffice to say that your lower back pain could be the result of many causes. Here are a few causes that could lead you to experience lower back pain:

Irregularities In Spine Movement

Perhaps the most common reason for lower back pain is irregularities in your skeleton. You might wonder why you never had back pain before even though you had the same spine. This is due to the fact that over time your spine deteriorates due to irregular movements of the body. For instance, if you bend at an angle often, it deteriorates your bones; your spine in particular.

In medical terms, this process is known as Scoliosis, a condition that leaves your spine slightly curved to one side, leading to lower back pain. However, scoliosis will only result in lower back pain if your condition is severe.


If you are suffering from arthritis for a long time, your chances of suffering from lower back pain increase tremendously.

This is because arthritis causes bone weakening. Long term arthritis can cause the space around your spinal cord to narrow down. This condition is known as Spinal Stenosis. Arthritis is quite common among elderly people.

Disk Rupture

Your spine’s disks act as a cushion between your spinal bones. Each disk is covered with a soft substance that can either bulge or rupture over time, often as a result of an injury or prolonged illness. However, in some cases, ruptured disks have been observed even without illness or injury. Disk rupture is difficult to diagnose and is often discovered as a result of a spine X-Ray that you may have had for some other reason.

Strain in Ligament

Yet another reason you could get a lower back pain is muscle ligament or strain. This often occurs due to lifting heavy weights for a long time. Athletes and professional body builders often show signs of ligament strain.

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