Painkillers vs. Acupuncture: The No-Brainer Comparison

1 1Pain can arise as a result of many reasons. It can be chronic, or the byproduct of an automotive accident.

What caused it has little significance; how you treat it is what you should be focusing on.

The pain relief method you choose can make all the difference in the world.

The Problem With Opioid Drugs

Until recently, opioid painkillers were touted as a ‘wonder drug’ that was administered to patients ranging from those suffering from minor bruises to victims of serious injury. This was done with little to no consideration of the consequences it could wrack on the patients because of the drug’s addictive properties.

Today, America has millions of people who abuse the substance. In addition, it isn’t as if abusing these substances is safe, and the problem has only been getting worse each year. Well over 30,000 people died by overdosing on them in 2015 alone.

Addiction to prescription painkillers is further complicated by the fact that they are a gateway drug. This means that people sometimes begin abusing increasingly addictive substances, like heroin, after first getting addicted to them.

Moreover, opioid painkillers behave remarkably similarly to regular street narcotics. A prominent example is that people who have been taking them for an extended period eventually develop a tolerance to them, causing them to gradually increase their intake. Overtime, they become dependent on high quantities of the substance just to feel comfortable.

It’s not as if taking opioid painkillers is all bad; there are some legitimate scenarios where prescribing them are a necessity. But as of now, there are so many painkiller prescriptions written out in the country that theoretically each adult could easily have their own bottle.

What’s the Solution?

Many people have been citing their concerns about prescription painkillers for years. But they were paid no heed because of the elaborate marketing campaign employed by the pharmaceutical companies. Now that the problem has emerged and risen to this extreme extent, people across the country are seeking alternative methods to alleviate their woes.

Acupuncture is one of the leading treatment methods being sought for pain relief. Whether chronic, or injury induced, people feel much safer seeking the traditional Chinese treatment method over risking their entire lives with opioid painkillers.

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