Miraculous Acupuncture Cure

Carl from Bradenton, Florida, shares his experience of seeing Dr. Barry Greenberg of the Acupuncture Center of Bradenton, for extreme neck pain after a severe car accident. After one treatment he went fishing!

A staggering 40 million people a year suffer from arthritis! Is there an acupuncture cure? Fortunately, the answer is yes.

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from arthritis, then unfortunately you are also predisposed to suffer from tendinomuscular problems.

This is exactly what happened to Carl after he was in a car accident. All of a sudden, the neck pain he was experiencing became unbearable.

Neck pain is one of the most common conditions that I treat. The neck is so vulnerable to pain because most of us hold a lot of tension in the shoulders which then radiates up into the neck. Also, posture plays a vital role in good muscular health of the back, shoulders and neck.

For Carl, his car accident triggered an underlying, predisposition to pain in his neck, due to the fact that he already was diagnosed with arthritis.

I was able to palpate Carl’s neck, upper back and shoulders to find the source of the pain. My treatment approach tends to be short term. In other words, my patients tell me that their pain problems and the complaints they come in to me with tend to be resolved fairly quickly. But Carl was so pleasantly surprised when his pain disappeared after just one acupuncture treatment!

After one treatment, his mobility increased 80%, he said. He was able to move easily and felt no discomfort–no pain. He was amazed. He came back a month later to tell me that his doctor couldn’t believe it when he told him that since the acupuncture treatment, he’d been going fishing a couple times a week and feeling great!