Bradenton Man Relieved From Debilitating Pain with Acupuncture

“Acupuncture with Dr. Barry Greenberg was the best medical decision I ever made!” said Tom Jacobs after being hit by a truck and being thrown 14 feet before landing on the hard cement.

Tom, a Manatee County employee who works for the school board, was standing outside when all of a sudden he got hit by a truck. He was not in a vehicle at the time. The truck threw him up in the air and catapulted him across the parking lot.

After this injury, Tom suffered from whiplash and was in debilitating pain. He described it as if it were an ice pick digging into his shoulder.

Because it was a work related injury, Tom was encouraged to use the traditional forms of medicine to resolve his problem. He went to physical therapy and was put on pain medicine. Though those things helped, the side effects from the medication became intolerable. Between the muscle relaxants and the pain pills, Tom was suffering from awful acid reflux.

At about that time, one of his colleagues recommended that Tom come to see me, as my expertise is pain medicine and I’ve been successfully treating patients at the Acupuncture Center of Bradenton, since 1990.

After the first treatment, Tom said he felt significant relief in his shoulder. After three treatments, he was driving in his car one day and realized, “Something is missing.” It was the ice pick in his shoulder. It was completely gone!

Finally after a year and a half he was walking with good posture. Tom felt taller, more energized and best of all pain-free.

What are the Acupuncture Treatments Like?

Many people want to know what to expect at an acupuncture treatment. Tom says that during an acupuncture treatment he feels as if time stands still. He enjoys the treatments completely and says that he hates for them to end. That’s because acupuncture has the side benefit of creating deep relaxation in the body. But the greatest benefit for Tom is being able to finally live without pain. Take a look as Tom shares his inspiring story below:

Tom Jacobs shares his story of finding relief from excruciating pain after being struck by a car at a Bradenton elementary school, after receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr. Barry Greenberg of the Acupuncture Center of Bradenton.