Discarding The Old Adage – Acupuncture Should Be Part Of Your Medical Care And Here Is Why

1Acupuncture is a host of ‘healing’ techniques used throughout Asia. It found its way into the western world as an alternative form of treatment. Although it is widely used, we do not have a complete understanding of how it works from a scientific point of view. This is why it was not integrated into medical care for a long time.

Recently, an increase in research around acupuncture has helped build trust among healthcare providers. Now more often, alternative treatments such as acupuncture are involved in medical care. There are integrative healthcare departments at a number of hospitals which provide medical and alternative treatment together.

Effective pain treatment

Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people choose acupuncture. It is also embraced by those looking to relieve neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and arthritis.Research shows now that using acupuncture in pain treatment is beneficial.

It was shown that acupuncture was effective when a group of acupuncture treatment receiving patients was compared to a group that had not received the treatment.

Besides pain, patients with other medical conditions also benefit from acupuncture. Asthma, anxiety, urological and gynecological problems can all be treated with acupuncture.

Soothing therapy

1It works like a soothing therapy. Many patients have reported a decrease in pain following acupuncture.

The treatment uses needles which are inserted near the nerves. This causes a signal to reach the nerves which then reaches your brain. This signal helps release hormones which tell the body to relax and have an overall soothing effect. This is how acupuncture treats conditions like anxiety and addictions.

Improvement in care delivery

Addition of an alternative treatment can improve the quality of care that is provided in healthcare settings. If there are serious risks associated with a medical treatment, then acupuncture should be preferred. Only if no improvements are seen, should physicians go for a risky intervention.

Quicker results

Acupuncture is sometimes quicker than medical treatment. This is why pain should be treated first with acupuncture. Patients can be relieved of acute pain such as dental or post-operative pain through acupuncture.

There are numerous benefits of including acupuncture into medical care. If you wish to consider acupuncture in addition to your medical treatment, speak with your physician. You can always consult us for further knowledge about acupuncture. Want to give it a try? Feel free to contact us today!