8 Reasons to Treat Hip Bursitis with Acupuncture

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Bursitis often occurs around the joint area of the body involved in rigorous movement. It occurs when a small fluid-filled sac known as the bursa becomes irritated due to excessive pressure and overuse and begins to experience painful swelling.

Even though you have bursae — the plural of bursa — all around the body, filled with fluid that eases rubbing and friction between tissues like tendons, bones, skin, and muscles, bursitis, the condition occurs around the most active joints like the shoulders, knee, elbow, and hip. You may also experience it by your heel and the base of your big toe.

As you age, your tendons find it hard to deal with stress, making bursitis common among adults who are 40 and beyond. And the pain it causes, especially in the knee and hip, can result in difficulty walking.

In addition, people with hobbies or jobs like carpentry, skiing, gardening, painting, shoveling, throwing, tennis, scrubbing, and golf are prone to bursitis because jobs like these put lots of stress on your joints.

People who stand or sit the wrong way for a long time at home or work, who do not do sufficient stretching before exercising, or have a sudden injury can also suffer bursitis.

However, victims of hip bursitis must seek timely acupuncture treatment, and here are 8 reasons.

1. Acupuncture Helps to Ease Pain

Excruciating pains can result from hip bursitis. But administering acupuncture on the required body parts brings relief.

Aside from treating hip pain, acupuncture also works for all kinds of body pains: pain in the hands and arms, back pain, joint pain, and neck tension. These are just a few types of pain that can make our day terrible and can be relieved through acupuncture.

As a drug-free solution, acupuncture also reduces inflammation and swelling. And because the needles are very flexible and hair-thin, you will hardly feel them when they are inserted into the body.

2. Acupuncture Relieves Headaches

For thousands of years back, acupuncture has proven a powerful method of treating migraines and chronic headaches. Recent studies have shown that it can be used as a lasting solution for repeat migraines experienced by people who treat hip bursitis or are treated for their hip bursitis condition..

Multiple reports by the National Institutes of Health have shown that acupuncture is a potent approach to lowering the severity and frequency of different headaches.

The widely known side effects of this solution are relaxation and euphoria. People who desire a drug-free and less invasive treatment would definitely prefer this option.

3. Acupuncture Helps In Stress Reduction

Stress is a primary culprit of hip bursitis. Stress reduction is also one of the top reasons people consider treatment with acupuncture.

Key factors that help lower body stress reactions include restoring the energy balance and triggering nervous system responses. A report by Healthline revealed that acupuncture reduces the hormone levels of stress and improves mood to help lower anxious feelings and increase feelings of happiness.

So, whether you are experiencing stress due to personal pressures or work demands, acupuncture has continued to be revealed as a reliable stress solution.

4. Acupuncture Treatment Reduces the Tendency of Falling Ill

Acupuncture helps boost the immune system, which is beneficial to treating hip bursitis. Administering the treatment helps in combating pathogens and the duration of a cold. Also, relieving symptoms of exhaustion can result in alleviating miserable, depressive feelings when at work.

Individuals who periodically have acupuncture sessions have less tendency to fall sick due to their natural immune system response. And even when an individual is exposed to bacteria or viruses, the boosted immune system can defend the body against falling ill.

5. Acupuncture Helps To Speed Up Healing After Injuries And Medical Procedures

Severe injuries and certain medical procedures can result in hip bursitis, leading to walking difficulty. Repetitive stress injuries from certain kinds of jobs can also cause difficulty moving certain parts of the body.

Acupuncture has proven to be a top-level solution to handling injuries and even eliminate the need for drugs or surgery for treatment. It can also help people who have undergone cancer treatments or recent surgery heal speedily after a prescribed procedure.

Since it also helps in boosting the immune system, that in turn aids in triggering the body’s natural healing abilities and brings about wholeness to a patient.

6. Acupuncture Helps To Improve Sleep And Energy Levels

After undergoing the process of acupuncture, hip bursitis patients would likely experience a major improvement in their energy levels, thereby helping them become more active and productive at their work and home.

An additional benefit of this procedure is to improve sleep patterns — hence a viable solution to sleep disorders such as insomnia.

When there is a balance in the body’s level of energy with a nervous system that is properly stimulated, people will often have a better sleep experience at night. Acupuncture has shown that it is highly beneficial to people struggling with insomnia and has also proven a far better alternative to medications.

7. Acupuncture Helps To Enhance Mental Clarity

According to acupuncture and Oriental medicine, the mind comprises emotions, consciousness, and thought. And it contributes to the ability to think with clarity, retain information for a long time, and preside over creative functions.

Brain fog, however, can be caused by pains, stress, bursitis, and other situations and ailments that can make it hard for an individual to think clearly. Administering acupuncture has been shown to reverse this kind of experience and enhance mental clarity and concentration.

This procedure also impacts the reduction of hyperactivity fidgeting and augments any psychological technique for productive mood management. With your brain power well optimized, your learning capacity is likely to improve immensely.

8. Acupuncture Aids Improved Blood Pressure

With accumulated deadlines and high-stress jobs, an individual’s blood pressure can become elevated. However, properly administered acupuncture can help to reduce blood pressure levels.

It works as a better alternative to medication to improve heart function and blood flow.


When a licensed practitioner such as Dr. Barry Greenberg of the Acupuncture Center of Bradenton, performs acupuncture, a patient can enjoy numerous health benefits as a result. Aside from the listed reasons to consider acupuncture for hip bursitis, it is also a viable option for treating eye strain, digestive conditions, allergies, and issues with cravings.