Acupuncture Treatment For Hip Pain

Your hips and legs support the entire body giving you strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility. For this reason there is a high amount of stress put on these body parts. The large bones that make up the hip join serve as anchors for several muscles. Some of these muscles move down the thigh to the knee; others move across the abdomen or the buttocks.  Though these muscles are extremely strong they are still susceptible to strains and sprains.

If you accidentally misstep, ride your bike too long or simply sit uncomfortably for a prolonged period of time you my end up stretching one of these major muscles that attach to the hip and travel down the leg.  If this goes unresolved then the increased tension on the tendon may eventually cause a bursitis or arthritis (inflammation) of the hip.

Hip and leg pain can be the most debilitating of all pain.  Being unable to walk has a profound affect on lifestyle. That is why it is important to treat these painful symptoms early on with acupuncture.

Acupuncture can release the muscular tightness encouraging fresh oxygen-rich blood to circulate more freely throughout the muscles. This is the most powerful means of getting the hip and leg muscles to begin to relax, heal and function normally.

The diagrams below illustrate how muscular reaction patterns can lead to different types of hip and leg pain depending on the referral pattern of the affected musculature.  Acupuncture points (trigger points) are marked “X” and are very effective points to treat the associated referral pain often seen going down the leg.