Sciatic Pain Relief Acupuncture

Charles was thrilled to experience sciatic pain relief acupuncture. Take a look:

Charles had suffered with back pain for a long time. However, it had gotten so bad, especially when the pain started to throb in his hip and shoot down his leg. Charles is an avid golfer and couldn’t stand the fact that his pain was interfering with his game.

Sciatic pain is usually described as pain that originates in the lower back, but then travels through the buttocks and down the legs. The pain is often described as a combination between numbness, tingling and weakness. It can feel debilitating.

When it got to the point that he couldn’t play golf at all anymore, Charles decided to seek medical help for his sciatic pain. His first course of action was to go to his medical doctor. Unfortunately, his doctor really had no solution for him. He certainly did not want to go on pain medication. Charles then went to a chiropractor, hoping that would relieve his pain, but nothing he tried brought him any relief.

He read about my success with acupuncture for pain relief in a local news story and decided to come see me, even though he felt discouraged and wondered if he’d ever find the non-invasive solution to his that he was looking for.

Charles Plays Golf Again

Charles couldn’t believe that he felt better almost immediately after coming to see me for sciatic pain relief acupuncture. He noticed that his hip felt looser and the pain level definitely went down.

After just three weeks, his pain was completely gone! Charles couldn’t believe it! The best part was that he could now play golf again without any pain.

As he continued the acupuncture treatments, he noticed that he was actually feeling more relaxed and his golf game even improved.

if you or someone you know is suffering from sciatic pain, please give me a call and I’d be happy to discuss with you how acupuncture can help.

To Your Health,
Dr. Barry Greenberg