Acupuncture Treatment To Stop Smoking

Acupuncture for smoking cessation

Recent discoveries in medical technology have made it possible to stop smoking after one treatment of mild electrical stimulation to the ear.  The Micro Current Auricular Stimulation is the latest in sophisticated electronic technology which makes it easy to stop smoking after one session.  It is safe and completely painless.  It involves no needles and the treatment usually lasts 20 minutes.

This type of auricular therapy is a powerful method, which will make your transition in becoming a permanent non-smoker an easy one.  It is utilized world-wide to treat heroin, cocaine, cigarette and many other addictions.  Lee Memorial Hospital as well as UCLA Medical Center currently use The Micro Current Auricular Stimulation for stop smoking services.  The Acupuncture Center of Bradenton is also very proud to offer this service to the public.

The treatment will virtually eliminate any physical withdrawal discomfort which would otherwise occur. This smooth transition makes quiting an easy and manageable experience.

After your first treatment you will walk out as a non-smoker.  After the first ten days you will notice a healthier and cleaner feeling.  There will be a heightened awareness of your smell and tastes as well as an ability to breath deeper and more efficiently.  You will definitely feel good about yourself as a non-smoker.  This treatment is very powerful and will help you to make the transition in becoming a permanent non-smoker easy and effortless in every respect.

Additional Bonus

Stop Smoking Behavior Modification Package Included!

Think & Quit

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Think Healthy and Be Healthy.
  You CAN Stop Smoking Forever!

What a nightmare! Tired of the endless nagging that is more like harassment? Sick of constantly stepping outdoors for a puff? When was the last time somebody told you that you smelled GOOD? When was the last time YOU smelled anything? Or honestly tasted food? How long since you had a whole day cough-free? Enough about you-how healthy is your wallet?

Most of us would not endure the stigma, health dangers and obscene price tag if quitting was easy. Most smokers try to quit smoking over and over again, but few actually succeed. Easy WillPower’s Think & Quit can help you beat the odds and QUIT FOREVER!
Beat the Odds

Habits like smoking are controlled by the subconscious part of your mind. Your subconscious beliefs and desires are much more powerful than just will power. That’s why quitting is so difficult. No matter how hard you try, your subconscious is battling against you. Rena Greenberg’s Easy WillPower Stop Smoking program is designed to uncover the true reasons for self-destructive behaviors. Listening to the self-hypnosis session we’ll release and resolve the issues that often sabotage efforts you make to quit smoking.

Why Stop Smoking?

In case you’ve been in a long deep sleep, here are the main reason’s to stop smoking:


Most folks want to quit smoking for health reasons. Smoking causes shortness of breath, constant throat clearing or coughing throughout the day. Smoking can also cause continual colds, flu and even pneumonia. Pregnant women who smoke have a greater chance of miscarriage, or delivering stillborn, low birth-weight or premature babies. And it’s no secret that cigarette smoking leads to lung cancer, emphysema, heart attacks and strokes. If you’re worried about what smoking will do to your health, use Rena’s Easy WillPower Think and Quit hypnotherapy, based on her successful hospital-sponsored seminar. It’s easier than you think to FINALLY STOP SMOKING!


Along with the spiraling cost of cigarettes, the medical and dental costs associated with smoking continue to skyrocket. Cigarette smoke lowers the value of your home and possessions while it increases the cost to insure them. Replacing damaged clothing, furniture and rugs also adds up. The true cost of smoking is shocking. By comparison, Easy WillPower’s Think & Quit is a real bargain. It’s a one-time investment that helps you save money AND make amazing changes in your life.

Social Pressure

Cigarettes once had Hollywood glamour status. That has changed drastically. Light up these days and you are looked down upon. (It’s certainly not like it was when people actually decorated their homes with ashtrays.) Public smoking is a crime in many places now. Even where allowed, smokers who puff in public face intense disapproval. The same social pressure that once made smoking popular now discourages it and smokers are scorned. If you’re tired of the pressure, Rena’s Easy WillPower can help.

You’re Hooked

Smokers are touchy about being hooked on cigarettes. Who can blame them? Addicted is not a nice word. Smokers often express disgust or disappointment in themselves because they feel like slaves to a cigarette habit. Who wants to live with that? Leave those and all of the other ugly feelings behind. With Easy WillPower you can kick the habit and learn to love yourself!

It’s a Dirty Habit

Cigarette smoke turns everything it touches a very unpleasant brown. It stains your fingernails, teeth, home and possessions. Smoking wrinkles and ages your skin faster. And are you tired of the stench? Cigarettes make your clothes, hair and breath smell nasty. Those dirty ashtrays lying around reek–unless your senses are so dull from smoking that you can’t smell. Enough! Rena’s Easy WillPower will help you throw away your cigarettes and come clean NOW.

Secondhand Smoke

Smoking causes more people to suffer than just the smoker. Cigarette smoke puts the health of everyone who inhales it at risk. Cigarette smoke makes nonsmokers smell like smokers, forcing them to put up with an undeserved stigma. (This is really tough on kids.) Quit for yourself or quit for the people you love. Just get Easy WillPower and quit.

Motivation Is Success

Motivation is critical to smoking cessation. Motivation is more than just believing you can succeed-its also having a strong desire (reasons why you want to stop smoking). Motivation works miracles. Don’t worry about how, if you really want to stop smoking, Rena’s Easy WillPower gives you the edge you need to succeed. Easy WillPower Think & Quit works like no other product or program and the only things that most of our success stories needed were motivation and Easy WillPower. It’s natural: if you think you can, you can.

Motivation can work miracles. Motivated people have the vision to see their success, Imagine your life without smoking. Focus on that goal or vision. Don’t dwell on any of the steps to achieving that goal, just lock on to the big picture. Rena’s Easy WillPower helps you with the details. Easy WillPower Think & Quit lets you overcome your failure-prone inner programming. It’s almost unfair the way Easy WillPower’s unique program stacks the odd of success in your favor.

All you have to do is listen to Rena’s Introductory Self-Hypnosis cd, follow-up at home for a month (listen to a relaxing cd daily) and stay focused on your goal. It’s that easy. Just imagine what becoming a non-smoker will do for your life. You and Easy WillPower CAN make it happen.

And don’t worry, if you’ve read this far you must be motivated!

Your Subconscious Is Your Problem AND the Answer

You’ve tried to quit before right? Sorry, but your failure was no accident. We are aware of and can control our conscious thoughts, but sometimes our unconscious thoughts tell us the exact opposite. The bad news is the subconscious thoughts are more powerful. Subconsciously we are still accepting and living by negative programming from the past.

Inner conflicts sabotage your success.

Rena’s Easy WillPower hypnosis resolves conflicts and blocks so you can stop smoking for good. By getting the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind to work together in harmony, Easy WillPower helps you change parts of your life that you never thought you could. It’s all about replacing negative, conflicting programming with positive thoughts and ideas that support you. Rena’s Easy WillPower does this is by introducing images and suggestions into your subconscious while you are relaxed but fully aware.

Easy WillPower’s proven hypnosis is a 2-part recipe for success. First a wonderful new image of you as a fit, healthy non-smoker is introduced into your subconscious. This is very safe because you choose your new image and are in complete control during the entire process. This positive new self-image will make your desire to be a non-smoker stronger than ever. Then negative associations are introduced into your subconscious to eliminate or reduce your desire for cigarettes. Other methods do nothing to remove your old programming and resolve the subconscious conflicts that keep you in the failure cycle.


Our at home Easy WillPower hypnosis program is based on Rena’s work with over 100,000 people at hospital-based seminars across the United States. You will get a Take-home Toolkit® with all the tools you’ll need to stop smoking:

Easy WillPower’s Think & Quit special hypnosis CDs reinforces Rena’s Stop Smoking hypnotherapy session with you on CD and help keep you positive and motivated. The Think and Quit book by Rena Greenberg provides valuable hints and suggestions for creating positive changes in your life. You will also receive as a bonus Rena’s popular Stop Smoking Affirmation cd for the car.

Rena’s at-home stop smoking program 
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Quit smoking today with Rena Greenberg’s Wellness Seminar for Smoking Cessation in her new breakthrough book and cd set, Think & Quit.

Stop Smoking at home with Think & Quit, the same tested and proven, motivational self-hypnosis program that has been reviewed and sponsored by over 75 hospitals and used successfully by over 100,000 people.

In the privacy of your own home, you can use Think & Quit to learn how to resolve the conflict between the part of you that wants to quit and the part that still wants to smoke. Tap into the magnificent power of your subconscious mind so you can feel great about being a non-smoker. Think & Quit will show you how to be completely turned off to cigarettes without weight gain or withdrawal, and without feeling deprived.

Steer Clear of the Smoking Dilemma

Think and Quit is the motto of our stop smoking hypnosis program. Designed specifically for individuals who need just a little push to overcome this hazardous habit, our program provides effective quit smoking techniques that can help them achieve just that. Invest in your future by buying our Think and Quit CDs and get rid of smoking for good.

Learn how to use self-hypnosis, visualization and positive affirmations to change the way you think about cigarettes permanently.

You’ll receive 3 cds plus Rena’s book: Think & Quit -the same program that’s been used in over 100 corporations!