Moxibustion: Relieve Your Winter Pain Dilemma

The pain in your joints has gotten worse. Pain medication does not seem to have an effect. Instead, you are starting to feel its side effects. Isn’t it time you try something else?

Winters are pretty hard, especially if you suffer from arthritis. People suffering from this ailment frequently claim that their symptoms tend to worsen during this time of the year.

This is mostly because people tend to be less active in winters. For some people, OTC drugs prescribed by their doctors seem to do the job; however, for others, it is not that simple.

This is where Moxibustion comes in.

Moxibustion is an ancient Chinese practice, which is a combination of both acupuncture and herbal medication.

The process involves burning an herb known as Moxa close to acupressure points. In the last few years, it has gained quite a bit of popularity.

Here are some of the things you need to know about Moxibustion

The process of Moxibustion

The process of Moxibustion involves placing the herb ‘Moxy’ in a cylindrical container. One end of the container is burning and held above the acupressure point. It never actually makes contact with the skin. The tiny holes inside the container allow the smoke to escape.

It helps with relieving chronic pain

Chronic pain is one of the symptoms of Arthritis. If you are suffering from this ailment, consider giving Moxibustion a shot.

The smoke released from burning Moxy helps to loosen tensed muscles, which increases the circulation and flow of blood. This helps with relieving and treating pain.

It helps with improving the immune system

Moxibustion is a process that is quite beneficial for your immune system as well.

A strong immune system helps you heal faster and makes you less susceptible to diseases. The improved blood circulation helps you with relaxing. It releases endorphins in your brain, which helps with accelerating the healing process.

It increases Mobility

Mobility is a major issue for people suffering from Arthritis. Stiff joints prevent people from performing even the simplest of tasks. Moxibustion relaxes your muscles and frees them up. As a result, the stiffness in your joints reduces.

It also helps to make you feel more relaxed and reduces stress. Less stress helps you with performing better and significantly improves the quality of life.

Acupuncture and Moxibustion are not new concepts in the West. These methods have been around for a long time.

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