Goodbye flu, Hello Healthy Living!

tired woman having a flu

Are you having trouble keeping your flu in check?

While it may seem appropriate to opt for medication, they often leave you with long-term side effects and short-term relief.

These contagious problems are not only mere annoyances, but can cause severe complications, if left untreated.

According to studies, millions of Americans are known to be affected by the flu each year. While acupressure is commonly known to solve problems like an aching back and chronic headache, it’s also celebrated for its ability to address the flu.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for well over 5,000 years and is now paving the way for flu management.

Acupuncture and flu—How does that work?

Acupuncture is known to regulate the immune system which, in turn, allows you a fighting chance against the common cold and flu.

Through its property of cleansing and regulating the flow of blood, it can help build the body’s defense system against such diseases.

Leaving them untreated is not an option since the pathogens could lead to serious infections as well. The best thing to opt for is to notice the symptoms and find a solution before it aggravates.

Symptoms of flu

acupunctureWhile the flu may be quite prevalent, most people still tend to not notice the symptoms.

Here are a few that you can look into:

  • Blocked or runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Headaches
  • Coughs
  • Body aches
  • Fever

If you face any of these symptoms, accompanied by fever, then you need to give it immediate attention.

How acupuncture helps

Acupuncture not only works to treat symptoms of flu, but also prevents it from happening. This treatment allows the improvement of immune enhancing hormones and raises the blood count after three days of treatment.

There are certain pressure points that need to be targeted to have the desired effect on the body. A few pressure points are:

  • The area where the nose meets the eye socket—helps reduce congestion and headaches
  • Outer end of the elbow crease—helps improve immunity
  • At the bottom of the cheekbone—relieves stuffy nose, burning eyes etc.

Apart from these, there are several other points that only an expert can easily address. While it may be easy to address the symptoms at home, one wrong move can end up with drastic consequences.

If you have been facing the problem for a while, then it’s best to consult a professional acupuncturist for help. You can contact us and we’ll help you address your concerns with expertise.

Our acupuncture clinic in Palmetto will help you, not only with pain management problems but with flu and colds as well!