Acupuncture Resolves Sciatic Pain For 10+ years

Bud’s Sciatic Pain was resolved for 10 years after a few acupuncture treatments!


I’ll never forget the day that Bud Carlson limped through my door. It was Friday night, Christmas Eve and he was in agony.

An hour earlier, Bud had called me on the phone and explained to me that he was scheduled for surgery at the beginning of the following week.

His sciatic pain had made it impossible for him to sit, stand, walk or do just about anything else. Neither his Medical Doctor nor his Chiropractor could offer him any relief.

I told him to come on in and that I would be happy to treat him. Bud’s sciatic pain followed a similar muscle reaction pattern to many of my patients who suffer with that kind of pain.

I remember when I asked him to lie on my table, he could barely even climb up, his muscles throbbing with pain. After the acupuncture treatment, Bud immediately said he felt some relief. I was really glad to hear that because in my almost 30 years of treating patients for sciatic pain and other kinds of pain and ailment, I know from experience that some people need more than one treatment before they feel significant relief.

But that wasn’t the case for Bud, thankfully. He got up and, with tears in his eyes, thanked me and told me that he was so grateful that he could at least go home on Christmas Eve and not be doubled over in pain.
His wife immediately saw the difference in him.

I told Bud that it would be best to do a few more reinforcing treatments. When he came back in to see me on the following Tuesday, he told me that he felt significantly better, but was still feeling sore from the sciatic pain.

I did the same acupuncture treatment that I had done for Bud the previous week, only this time I also treated some areas of tension in his lower back. When Bud returned on Friday, he was like a new man. “Dr. Greenberg,” He said to me, “I owe you my life! The surgeon cancelled the surgery!” We both celebrated!