Acupuncture For Migraine Relief And Prevention

1Migraines are a type of primary headaches.

Primary headaches are those that are a clinical condition and not a symptom of other conditions.

Other than migraines, primary headaches also include tension and cluster headaches.

Migraines affect 38 million children and adults in America.

So how do we differentiate between migraines and other primary headaches?

The former is different as it is mostly one-sided, occur as a throbbing or a pulsating pain and can range in intensity from moderate to intense.

During migraines, people may also become sensitive to light or noise. They experience nausea and/ or vomiting, sometimes making the condition unbearable. Acupuncture can help both relieve migraines and prevent them from occurring as well.

Acupuncture for migraine relief

Acupuncture treatment requires insertion of needles at certain points and application of heat, electric stimulation or pressure.

The procedure resolves migraines by using the body’s internal mechanisms and muscle relaxation. The National Institute of Health (NIH) recognizes acupuncture as an effective treatment for relief and prevention of headaches, most importantly, migraines.

Acupuncture needles can stimulate nerves located near the region of application. This causes release of certain chemicals by the body, often called neurotransmitters. These chemicals regulate the balance of the body’s internal processes, promoting physical as well as emotional wellbeing.

This helps relieve the migraine and relaxes the person going through the condition by decreasing the sensitivity and the symptoms.

1Acupuncture also releases physical stress from your body. This allows the body to relax. Migraines are better managed with muscle relaxation as it relieves the associated muscle pain.

It also helps regulate blood flow. This nourishes the body and takes away harmful waste, increasing the healing after a migraine.

Acupuncture for prevention of migraine

There are certain triggers which can initiate this form of headache. Emotional stress is a common trigger for migraine. This can be reduced with the help of acupuncture. Wondering how this happens?

Acupuncture induces the release of brain chemicals or ‘endorphins’ which have a positive impact on a person’s mood. This helps reduce emotional stress in a patient, decreasing their frequency of migraine attacks.

Physical stress can be a cause of migraine too. Shoulder pain, neck strains and poor posture can all trigger migraine. Acupuncture releases stress from the neck and shoulder region, providing relief as well as preventing migraines. Thus, acupuncture does not only directly affect the migraines, but also relieves the triggers which may bring the onslaught of migraine if left untreated.

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